Kings of Fantasy English Premier League – GW 18 Edition

Last updated on December 14th, 2017

At the end of gameweek 17 of the 2017/18 season of fantasy EPL, there were only 38 managers from the current top 5000 that have consistently placed in the top 100K in previous seasons.

Here they are, ordered based on their current fantasy football rank:

Simon Rutherford (Heroes & Villains)
jez roberts (87 memories)
Martin Horak (Arsenal 4ever)
Jay Egersdorff (Costa Del Kuqi)
steve etheridge (Pangolin Lib Front)
Loiplioe Leiocisocic (Scorpions)
Jonathan Tan (Eleven that mata)
Loz Bowker (Lucky Strikes)
Toby Meller (The Mask of Sava)
Patrick Geloof (Kayliam Utd)
Robin Morley (Rob’s Rovers)
Barney Le Fevre (The Klopp Outs)
Jack Ketley (Sketley’s Scorers)
Ian Welch-Phillips (More Sauce)
Carl Betts (Real Bettis)
George Doyle (Hammer Time)
Daniel Fenton (Fentonian Warriors)
Ben Mooney (Men Behaving Chadli)
Johnny Sälleberg (Game of Stones)
Darren Lavelle (Jumpers 4 goalposts)
Filip Merczynski (Kryształ Palace)
James Cooper (CoopersSuperTroopers)
Hristo Krastev (Mr 1st Place!)
Mark Hunt (Hammers United)
Jim Sohal (A Team Has No Name)
Brian Murphy (Hackers)
Steve Barwood (MrBen***)
Ashley Gittins (Honey Badgers)
Daniel Brett (Real Bournemouth)
Nicolas Bury (Luffy fc)
Vladimir Mojsov (LBJ★★★)
Kevin Weisz (The Desperate Donuts)
Gøran Østerman Thengs (Ragnvald Zouma)
Woody Huber (Floating Bumblebees)
Mark Flawless (NoHungerinParadise)
Chaz (AZ) Phillips (Salah-La-Land)
Aonghus Bolster (Axe Capital)

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