Top Fantasy Premier League Managers – Player Ownership Tool

Use this tool to research player ownership in the top 5000 FPL managers. The table below will show you the managers that own the selected player.

Search and filter the best FPL managers!

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  1. nana duodu

    is there a way to see how many of your mini league rivals have say TAA or Aub?

  2. Fantastic tool – it would be great if you could search multiple players e.g. top managers that have both Aguero and Sterling

  3. How often does this database is refreshed?

    • Mark De Carvalho

      Its updated for each GW. Note that no one except the manager themselves can see the transfers made within the gameweek before the deadline.

  4. Mark De Carvalho

    Great idea, will look to add that in an upcoming release.

  5. Looking for a table where I can sort all players by ownership % instead of manually looking them up individually. Is this possible?

    • I agree, it would be excellent tool!

    • I’m sure i saw one last season, and was hoping it was this site..still looking, but there’s one out there, I’m sure..I’ll post once found.


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