FPL Fixture Difficulty

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) fixture difficulty and season ticker lets fantasy managers assess the strength of schedule for English Premier League teams. Drag, drop, sort, and remove rows to plan your rotation. Includes gameweek deadlines and kick-off times so you have all the FPL fixtures info in one table!

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FPL Fixture Difficulty FAQs

What do the rankings mean?

Within each gameweek, every team is ranked from 1 to 20 (using PFT ratings) or 1 to 5 (using official FPL ratings). A ranking of 1 indicates an easy fixture. The fixtures are also color-coded with shades of green being the easiest, red being the hardest, and yellow being neutral. H/A indicates whether the fixture is played at home or away.

What factors are considered in the difficulty rankings?

Fixture difficulty rankings takes into account the following factors:

  • Premier League Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)
  • Home and away performance per team
  • In addition, for defensive positions:
    • Overall team defensive performance (including goals against, probability of clean sheet)
    • Opponent affinity for scoring (goals for, form)
  • In addition, for offensive positions:
    • Overall team offensive performance (including goals for, probability of scoring a goal)
    • Opponent affinity for stopping goals (goals against, form)

How can I use it to plan rotation for my FPL team?

You can drag/drop and remove rows to better compare and plan rotation. You can group the teams your are interested in together and compare rotation strategies.

When are fixture difficulty rankings updated?

Fixture difficulty charts and rankings are updated each gameweek. They will factor in premier league data from the most recent gameweeks.

FPL Fixture Difficulty Explained

Fixture Difficulty Ranking (FDR) is a must-have tool that enables FPL managers to easily compare all premier league teams’ schedules in one location. It allows for making informed transfer decisions and planning team rotation weeks in advance. The FDR ratings are reviewed and updated after each gameweek. Fixtures are an important consideration when planning out a wilcard team, making transfers, or deciding who to bench. Consider consulting this fixture difficulty ranking chart weekly before finalizing your team.

This tool was created to enhance the official Fantasy Premier League FDR. It builds on the official FPL FDR by providing more up-to-date rankings, having more granular rankings, and considering more factors (see FAQ above for details). The most important differentiation, however, is having rankings by position. This gives FPL managers much more insight into how to organize their teams, which formations to consider, and more.