Top Fantasy Premier League Managers

The table below lists the top 5000 managers as of the latest game week. It includes their average rank over the past 6+ seasons and how many times they ranked in the top 1000, 10000, and 100000.

This season there are over 5 million managers, so placing in the top 10000 puts you in the top .2%!

Use this tool to screen for the best fantasy football managers so that you can learn from their tactics and mirror their choices.

Search and filter the best FPL managers!

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  1. Krste Tancevski

    Can you tell me how many managers played and overall ranking for North Macedonia tnx

  2. How many managers are in the world
    Can u tell me also the number of managers in Uganda

    • Mark De Carvalho

      Right now there are a total of 7,161,645 managers. There are just over 26000 managers from Uganda!

  3. Whats your private league code?

  4. I wanna search for other players that ain’t in the top what can I do ?It’s a good tool though ????

  5. Fredric Hanssen

    Can you tell me how many Norwegian players there are and also how to see it myself?

  6. Can I know how many manager plying fantasy in my country ?
    Am from Kuwait

  7. I need my FPL season 2018/2019 ID number


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