Fantasy Football Scout – Leading FPL Editorial

Last updated on September 14th, 2022

If you ask anyone who plays FPL who the biggest name in the game is, besides the Official FPL Twitter account, the answer is Fantasy Football Scout (FFS). They are the resource FPL managers have been going to for over a decade, and they were the first trustworthy resource I came across when I started playing FPL 5 or so years ago. FFS is the leading editorial content provider for FPL, no one even comes close!

Fantasy Football Scout is an integral part of my gameweek routine. I will never lock a team in without checking Team Lineups, Scout Picks, and Captain Picking polls/articles on FFS. This is why I thoroughly believe PFT and FFS complement each other so well – our tools with their editorial content make for a robust set of resources for any FPL manager.

Although I prefer to take full control of my own team and decisions, I have come to rely on checking in on Mark Sutherns’ or other top pundits’ team reveals as a sanity check when setting up my GW1 team or playing wildcards later in the season. Their Twitter account also provides useful insight regularly, so I recommend following that one here.

I still have many more member benefits to explore, however. I plan to spend more time incorporating their Opta-based tools and team/player comparisons into my weekly routine to further optimize my process!

Mark De Carvalho
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