Captain’s Log – FPL Gameweek 27

Last updated on March 5th, 2021

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On paper, this prior week was a very lucrative double gameweek, but with so many attacking prospects failing to hit their potential heights it was left to a handful of the differential picks to really excel with Kane/Son also providing the goods.

Mahrez, Bale, El Ghazi, Bartley and even Jesus hit double figures but were owned by less than 1% on average. Heck, even two Crystal Palace defenders ended up in the dream team this week thanks to two back to back 0-0 affairs. Leicester’s injuries mounted and finally got the better of them in the league.

With the exception of a few, most largely owned players blanked or delivered less than one return meaning the average scores were well below par for those including myself looking out for a monster haul. There were a number of particularly droll and drawn out matches as typically consistent assets blanked (thanks Bruno).

This week we are treated to one more DGW for Man City.  Rotation played a large factor and many were left disappointed by benchings or even just owning some assets who missed out on returning anything like Sterling/Cancelo. However, with one leg of the double against Manchester United, there can sometimes be a hesitancy to automatically place the band here despite the run the team are on and the Red Devils woeful showing against Palace. This feeling is heightened as we have a good number of SGW assets with what can be viewed as favourable fixtures.


I’m not going with too much logic or reason this week, just that I wanted to captain a Man City midfielder and I only own one!

My © will be Sterling (Gundongan if you have him)
Vice –  Son (as I don’t own Kane).

Gundongan – TSB ~ 37.2% –  Man Utd /SOU

Most recently rested amongst the Manchester City mids and still at an easy to afford price. He has simply just racked up so many more points than any of his counterparts. Even with just 8 minutes in his last game, he still managed to outscore teammates who managed the full 90.

With KdB looking a little off the pace he will probably be the go-to City man for the week. With Palace and Manchester United not racking up any goals in recent matches, there is a case to go for one of the City defenders, but even they are prone to rotation and I can’t imagine they get a CS and feature in both games (but that’s a gut hunch rather than based on any facts).

Whilst externally City say they don’t mind about the records there will be pride at stake to win against United. Also, Southampton have not really recovered/improved from their 9-0 thumping.

I’m a sucker for a double and my gut is leaning on an attacking midfielder here being the correct choice of © this week. For whatever reason, I still somehow own Sterling (11%) and not Gundongan, so I will be leaning to the one I own.

Kane TSB ~ 33% – CPL

Both Kane and Son were in the shadow of a certain Welshman, but both had respectable hauls in comparison to the other highly owned assets.

Palace are off the back of two clean sheets and the game against Manchester United was a bit of an eerie affair where very little energy was spent by either side. Spurs did toil a fair bit against a resurgent Fulham but ultimately got the win.

Kane’s single goal return wasn’t due to the lack of trying and will be keen to improve on his London derby goalscoring record. 


Antonio – TSB ~ 11% – LEE

Fresh from scoring against Spurs and Man City in the previous two weeks, a fixture against Leeds provides the West Ham frontman another opportunity to return for his 11% ownership.

Leeds games are very hard to predict from my p.o.v. but if you can get a goal against City/Spurs then there is as good a chance as any here. Seems to be over the majority of his fitness issues and West Ham have really found their rhythm in recent months sitting 2 points just outside of the top 4. Moyes will be keen to motivate and push his team forward and so will be up for this game.


Saka ~ 8.7% – BUR

The Saturday lunch kick-off has never treated me well but the first game of the round features a slowly improving Arsenal side who are back to winning on average every second fixture. When they do, three names tend to feature: Pepe, Lacazette and Saka.

Fresh from a rest, Saka is best placed in my mind to take advantage here. Historically this fixture is usually in favour of the Gunners and whilst their last two meetings with Burnley have not been in favour of Arsenal or high scoring affairs, this match has an ominous feeling to it. Well priced and lowly owned, a bit of a gamble pick to consider.

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