Captain’s Log – FPL Gameweek 23

Last updated on February 5th, 2021

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If it’s not one thing, it’s another, as not only did I get my captain and vice the wrong way around, in my own team but I somehow contrived to captain my lowest scoring player in what was generally considered a high scoring week for lots.

It was an interesting midweek round for sure with plenty of talking points. Whilst many could not have predicted another 9-0 humbling for Southampton, the loss of form/confidence for Liverpool and the re-emergence of the J-Lingz dance moves were equally surprising around the FPL community. Questionable red cards and referee decisions a plenty certainly raised a few eyebrows as 70% of the games ended with an away win.

Looking ahead we have a big fixture towards the top end as Man City look to take on Liverpool, though what side turns up for this game is anyone’s guess. With the exception of Chelsea’s backline, there has yet to be an emergence of a strong FPL asset in the attack yet, though CHO continues to impress whilst on the pitch.



My © will be Antonio
Vice –  Sterling

Antonio – TSB ~ 21% –  FUL

Probably the most dangerous forward over the last two weeks who somehow has managed to not score a goal. Two assists last week with an entertaining looking fixture against fellow London club Fulham. Both teams will be targeting a win here so I’m expecting an open and entertaining game with goals to flow. My gut says he will be amongst the goals here.


Bruno – TSB ~  57% – EVE

Didn’t actually get involved with goals/assists until this match was already well dead and buried but despite this, he walked away with a massive 17 points thanks to a penalty and two assists.
Everton will likely be a much tighter game but Man United seem to have a bit of confidence and swagger in the attacking play. With teams playing so regularly, I expect there to be space and tired legs from both squads and so Bruno should have room to do his thing.

Huge ownership, so very much a shield pick as I think he will be the most backed by the masses.


Sterling – TSB ~ 12% – LIV

A trip to your former club always warrants consideration, particularly when it’s a title rival and they are out of form and missing even more defenders and potentially their #1 GK isn’t going to feature.

This will not be one-way traffic for sure but I do expect both teams to want to win and goals. Sterling has been ticking along quite nicely over the past few weeks and tends to have a hand in every second goal or so at the moment.

Son – TSB  56% – WBA

Despite a disappointing Spurs result midweek against Chelsea, this doesn’t actually change how we should view Son for the WBA game. Son will likely be the focus of the attack and WBA for some of their newfound resolve haven’t been able to shut out all the space at the back consistently enough. Could Kane be back for this and bring an extra dimension to the attack, possibly but maybe it’s too soon?

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