Double Gameweek 25 Deep-dive: Analysis of Manchester United and Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.

Last updated on January 31st, 2022

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Several days have passed since the last PL game played between Chelsea & Tottenham and we are still several days away from the next PL game between Burnley & Watford.

P.S Burnley is playing a PL home game after 56 days.  

As we countdown to the next game, let’s use the time wisely, shall we?

Recently, PL announced a double game week where Manchester United & Brighton get to play twice in GW 25. This allows looking at these two teams closely.

Here are the double gameweek fixtures for MUN & BHA:

· Manchester United (h) v Southampton (a) & Brighton (a)

· Brighton (a) v Watford (h) & Manchester United (h)

First up, Manchester United:

Here is how Red Devils’ season has transpired thus far:

Numbers under Ralf look better as compared to numbers from Ole’s 12 games in charge. The reason behind these morale-lifting numbers is primarily due to the opposition RR (Ralf) has got to face in his first 8 games as the new manager. Please do keep that in mind.

Now, let’s deep-dive into the team stats.

Here comes a caveat….

From the GW25 perspective, where Man United play two home games, all the below team stats are related to the games played at Old Trafford.

They have attained 19 points apiece from home as well as away games. So, not much to choose from on that front. They have faced defeat on four occasions and on each of those occasions, they failed to score. Defeats include 0-5 mauling at the hands of their arch-rivals Liverpool, 0-2 loss to Man City, and 0-1 losses to Aston Villa & Wolves. In a nutshell, they haven’t scored in all the games they tasted defeats in.

The following three tables give us insights into the state of play, goals scored and goals conceded.

It’s clear Man United have been slow starters at home.

5 / 6 games where both teams had been neck to neck – all were 0:0 headed into the half-time (except 1-1 v ARS). Only on 3 instances have they been in lead at HT. On the positive side, they only trailed at HT on 2 / 11 home games.

67% of the goals scored have come in 2nd half. This could easily be the most startling of facts for the red devils’ home season. 

However, if we look between the lines, 8 of those goals came vs LEE & NEW which were also the 1st two home games of the 21/22 season. The next 9 games have resulted in 9 goals only.

Let’s take a look at BRIGHTON:

Let’s now take a look at Brighton’s away form as both their games in GW25 are away games.

No rocket science to decipher that they are a tough nut to crack when playing away from home – just 1 loss in 11 games (only Man City matches that record). 16/30 points and 13/23 goals in the 21/22 season have been earned away from home for Graham Potter’s men.

The following three tables give us insights into the state of play, goals scored and goals conceded away from home. 

Like Man United, Brighton can be termed as slow starters as well. 7/12 times they have been found trailing their opponents at HT. Having said that, the margin has never been > 1 goal. 6/7 score lines have been 0-1 (except v liv; 1-2). Meanwhile, they have managed to keep clean sheets on two instances (bre, nor).

When it comes to attacking, it takes them some doing to get into the groove. They have only led once at HT (v eve). Additionally, they have only scored thrice in the first half and an impressive 10 times in the second.

Interestingly, 7 goals out of the aforementioned 10 were equalizers and the other three were winners. It’s abundantly clear that BHA under Potter this season has a fresh never-say-die spirit and an attitude to fight till the very last second.

They have also displayed that extra spring in their steps against the “Top 6” teams. (Draws against LEI, CHE, WHU & LIV)

Manchester United needs to take the game by the scruff of its neck from the get-go. That’s where BHA has been found most vulnerable (6 of the 12 goals conceded have come in the first 30 mins). The longer the game goes on w/out MU scoring, BHA will fancy their chances.

It could be one tough watch for the Old Trafford fans!

Note: The above stats will be valid till GW25, as Manchester United plays away in GW24 and Brighton, has a blank.

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