Captain’s Log – FPL Gameweek 26

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

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It took it’s time to pay off but throwing the © band on a Leeds asset seemed to be the way to go this week, though those (including myself) had to make do with just a solitary goal with Raphina and Dallas stealing the show. Had there not been a contentious offside call in the first game this would have been a very solid show from our choice but that’s the game. Other notable picks saw Bruno, Rashford and Barnes racking up double digits in their games.

This week we have a great number of doubles to factor in for a variety of pretty popular players, so it makes narrowing it down quite tricky. Oddly I’m not considering any Manchester City assets this time around, whilst I’m happy to own three players, I think there will be enough rotation, and with a big Manchester derby on the cards, perhaps these two games will see the scoring floodgates remain shut as they look to get past their opposition with minimal effort.


One might say there are too many choices this week given the amount of doubles. For now, I’m looking to play safe so I’m going Bruno over Vardy, this may swap around as the deadline draws nearer. I can’t afford Kane, but if I could he’d probably be my go-to pick this week (despite the form).

My © will be Bruno
Vice –  Vardy

DCL – TSB ~ 40% –  WBA/SOU

After recovering from a hamstring scare and featuring from the bench in a remarkable win against Liverpool, DCL looks set to play a big part in leading the line in the next pair of fixtures as Everton look to capture their early season good form.

Both WBA and SOU don’t seem to be resolved enough to keep clean sheets in recent weeks and are conceding plenty of shots. With Richarlison hitting some patch of confidence and James seemingly in good shape these games are primed to be won. This usually translates to DCL goals. One minor note is that he isn’t on penalties typically and we haven’t seen too many double-digit hauls from him this year.


Bruno – TSB ~  60% – CHE/CRY

FPL’s leading point scorer has an intriguing pair of fixtures. Crystal Palace continue to pick up points despite looking woeful and Chelsea have looked improved but other than Athletico haven’t met too many challenging opponents since Tuchel joined.

Bruno continues to be involved in almost every goal and is also on penalties. Seems to hog the bonus too if he grabs a goal and with Pogba still out there is a lot going for him. Whilst it may feel a little tricky to celebrate his points in each game as almost everyone seems to have them, the most important fact is that somehow he keeps racking up points too.

Whilst they do have a big derby after these fixtures Ole seems incapable of rotation.

Kane/Son- TSB ~ 29% & 50% – FUL/ LEE

Neither of the Spurs men have looked particularly on form in recent weeks yet with 29% holding Kane and Son at 50%, should the pair start to click over these two fairly open fixtures there is a strong chance of a rank swing here.

Both rested in midweek and with Mourinho demanding more from his attackers as results have fallen away. Kane has the appeal of penalties, Son has the appeal of budget. Kane also has the extra appeal of a good record of goals/assists against both teams.

I only own Son as my budget can’t get to Kane but Kane would be my temptation as I don’t think as many will be able to bring him in easily given the number of premiums with doubles already.


Vardy/Barnes TSB ~ 20% & 15% – BUR/ARS

A Maddison-less Leicester could well be on the cards here as he aggravated a hip injury the other weekend. Whilst they have coped before in the PL without him, there is no indication that they can do it again. Thursday’s game in Europe will give some insight to their playing style but may not paint a full picture.

Whilst there is plenty of life in the Barnes train due to his recent returns and price, Vardy’s introduction post-surgery has been a little slower and he’s just been ticking along in the past two fixtures. However, Vardy’s usual goal involvement and ability to explode back into life mean these fixtures look loaded for a good return.

Burnley have been more defensively sound in recent weeks without being impressive in attack and Arsenal occasionally look like turning a corner before forgetting that they used to be a top 4 side not that long ago. Even then Leicester have always enjoyed their games against Arsenal of late, particularly Vardy and with penalties in his locker too he may be the way to go if you didn’t fancy any of the other names. Vardy over Barnes for me, given the Arsenal game as well, he is certainly on for my vice if there are no major issues on Thursday night.

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