Captain’s Log – FPL Gameweek 20

Last updated on January 26th, 2021

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Having successfully navigated the major round of doubles it is safe to say we didn’t have the Stones to consider picking John or his other defensive counterparts. With Pereira, Antonio and Leicester’s midfielders all shining as well.

At last, we should have a week or two with a full card of 10 SGW fixtures with no blanks or doubles but these are still tricky times.

Last time out we went for Salah and were left a little underwhelmed as he racked up 4 points across the two fixtures, hardly inspiring stuff. Our vice (Sterling) fared better with 11 across his double but whilst he picked up more points than KdB due to an unfortunate injury it was Gundongan who stole the MCI midfielder show.

The cup fixtures this w/e saw some familiar names return to the score sheet, DCL/Bruno/Salah too. Rashford looks like he picked up a knock too. So plenty to consider as we roll into another midweek round.


My © will be Bruno
Vice –  Sterling

(I don’t own Bamford/Antonio/DCL but can see the appeal)


Bruno – TSB ~ 55% –  SHU

Didn’t quite live up to many’s expectations during the DGW but contributed to the win over Liverpool in the cup. A very different sort of test with Sheffield up next but the signs are there for a Man United win. 

The way he plays hasn’t really changed so I’m expecting contributions here. Many make the point that Pogba (when on form) detracts from Bruno’s attacking points and whilst I think there is a case there I still believe that Bruno will continue to be towards the top of the midfield points charts. 

Don’t try and overthink this one, this is my gut pick.

Bamford* – TSB ~ 50% – NEW

The budget-friendly favourite (although less budget-friendly now) has a visit to the Toon next. Newcastle have slowly been stumbling backwards and are beginning to undo any early progress they had made at the start of the season. It’s anticipated this game will be one-way traffic which surely means this man has an opportunity to add to his 10 PL goals so far. Highly owned, despite the poor returns in 17 and 19 (with a blank in 18). 


Antonio* – TSB ~ 3% – CPL

A massive return for the hammers as he suddenly re-emerged from the fitness/injury troubles. A bullying performance at WBA with Crystal Palace up next. Palace are often hot and cold (sometimes even in the same game) and will no doubt be in for a handful here. 


DCL* – TSB ~ 26% – LEI

After hitting a season matching best in goals scored at the weekend, big Dom can only really kick on from here as he and Everton try to build on what has been an impressive first-half campaign so far. Many will have moved him on for other performing strikers.

At the weekend we saw him lineup with an almost full-strength eleven and it’s Everton who can go toe to toe with the better PL opposition when they are all fit and firing. Leicester have been performing very much like contenders for the top and I expect this to be quite a fraught game even with Vardy having a hernia operation. No real points to speak of since GW14 but one to watch I think.


Sterling – TSB ~ 7.7% – WBA

With KdB out for what sounds like a couple of weeks, I’ll continue to keep hold of Sterling

Whilst many are opting for the budget-friendly Gundongan who doesn’t blast his penalties into space, Sterling will be charged up by Pep to bring his A-game over the next few weeks. WBA could set up to infuriate MCI (Sam does love this) but it’s been mixed results when his new team has tried to implement this. No doubt WBA are improving though, so a weaker than usual MCI attack may lead to an even lower scoring attacking threat from City’s men, especially since we’ve not really seen City want to push for 3rd or 4th goals as much this season.

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