Take your cut of €1,000,000 playing Fantasy Premier League football this season

Last updated on September 2nd, 2020

First place wins €200,000 CASH in Fanteam’s €1,000,000 season long Fantasy Premier League cash game 


We all like battling our friends and colleagues for a few hundred pounds each season, so what do you think about winning your share of €1,000,000?

There’s €1,000,000 in cash up for grabs just by playing fantasy football this season. And the best thing about it? It’s almost exactly like our beloved FPL game we love to spend so much time obsessing over. You could even run your FanTeam squad alongside your FPL team with minimal effort, and get paid for it!

2020/21 fantasy premier league cash league

The prizes are massive – first place wins €200,000 all to themselves, while finishing in the top 20 guarantees you a minimum of €2,500 payout and even the top 100 is a lock for €400! They’re paying all the way down to 5,659th in cold, hard cash. There’s more too – they’ll be paying weekly and monthly prizes for the top managers in each period.

For a full breakdown of prizes on offer and the breakdown, see here.

Rules and scoring are similar to FPL and summarized below, for full details see here.fanteam 1 million game rules

All of us here at PFT will be playing FanTeam this season and we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey!

Get started now!

FPL cash league fanteam million

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