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Last updated on August 25th, 2023

We are The Fantasy Pavilion, a group of friends from the island of Trinidad and Tobago obsessed with FPL. We create content to share our passion for FPL and our unique way we play. The Fantasy Pavilion has 5 members who all play FPL their way. 

Thanks for joining us for another Pavilion Picks Article where we aim to give you 5 FPL transfer suggestions from our team, loosely deemed differentials (<10% ownership and/or generally overlooked by the FPL community). 

Side Note

Some players from our Pre-Season Picks must have made their way into your FPL squad and have moved from the differential category into for a lack of a better word “mainstream”.

Panel Picks GW2 Haul: 2 out of 5 picks successful!  

Jarrod –  Luis Diaz – 7 pts

Kevan –  Osula – 2 pts

Antonio – Alvarez – 7 pts

Abba – Varane – 1 pt

Sham – Bowen – 2 pts 

Here are Fantasy Pavilion’s Panel Picks for Gameweek 3:

Jarrod (Mr. Differential) – I definitely want to follow up my successful pick from last week with another and hopefully this one would be just as good. A bit more up my lane in terms of differentials, Serge Aurier is the player I’m picking this week to perform. At 4.5M and only 1.7% ownership, he’s decently priced for an attacking fullback who has already picked up 2 assists and 11 points for a Forest team who are not notorious for keeping clean sheets. Playing against Manchester United, I’m not too worried about Cleansheet points as Aurier is in your FPL team mainly for his attacking return. 

Kevan (the Gamer) –  Second chance or final straw? That’s the question on my mind going into GW3 with Manchester United assets. I know a lot of you have Rashford or Bruno and they both haven’t returned in two GWs. It’s highly likely that I suggest you hold onto them as they play Nottingham Forest next who are a mid-table team that usually concedes (3 goals let in in the past 2 games). This gives your ManU assets plenty of opportunity to prove themselves and return for their FPL managers who invested hefty sums (>9.0M). It’s the famed “form vs. fixture” debate with these assets so I’m giving them one last chance. However, you’re here to see who’s my pick for GW3, and without any more delay, my pick is none other than Rico Henry. Owned by 5.7% of FPL teams and priced at 4.6M, Rico is one play to consider as he ticks both the fixture (2 upcoming GWs with an FDR of 2) and form boxes (9 points from his last 2 GWs). This means with this Brentford team and their current form, Rico can bring both defensive and attacking returns for your FPL squad. 

Antonio (The Cool Guy) – My pick for GW3 is one of the more popular transfers among the FPL community which is Solly March. Surprisingly, March’s ownership still stands below 10% making him a differential who is in red hot form. With Bruno and Rashford not performing, March and his Brighton team have been prolific. With double-digit points in his last fixture and playing at Home in the next against West Ham, Solly would thrive in the end-to-end nature of that game and I expect him to be among the points again! 

Abba (the Maverick) – Being an Arsenal fan, some might say that my pick is biased but he passes the eye test and hauled 13 points in his past 2 games. My pick is Eddie Nketiah who is priced at 5.6M and only owned by 6.5% of FPL teams. Eddie is currently starting up top for an Arsenal team that creates loads of chances and he’s priced ridiculously low that he’s the obvious choice to replace Joao Pedro with this GW. With Arsenal’s fixtures any average FDR of 2 for the next 5 GWs, don’t say I didn’t tell you when Nketiah hauls. 

Sham (the Stats guy) – I went with someone who has definitely not been spoken about this season but has FPL pedigree, Son Heung-Min. In the days of his famous partnership with Harry Kane where they both scored 200+ points that season, Son was a must-have in your FPL team. This season, fewer than 6% own him in their teams. He’s priced at 9.0M which is steep for a MID who hasn’t returned significantly but with his next 3 fixtures all having an FDR of 2, Son is primed to exceed his current xG+A (Expected Goals & Assists) of 0.6 per game giving you a potentially huge FPL points swing against your mini-league rivals. 

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