Captain’s Log – FPL Gameweek 38

Last updated on May 21st, 2021

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Yikes, what a curious season it has been. I don’t quite think I’ve hit my own targets this season but we’ve made it through to GW38 regardless and I hope you’ve hit your targets at the very least.

Willock continued his inspired form and Bamford once again plagued the 60% who still refused to own him. Bruno’s phantom assist was taken but oddly received by owners. Kudos to those who gambled on a Robbo return and particularly those who spent the big dollars on Nat Phillips too.

Final gameweeks are very much a lottery and whilst we have 10 games, we do have one or two teams who are looking at matters in the future rather than this weekend. So do anticipate some absolute shocking results across the board, particularly with lots of positions set in stone already.  Teams like West Brom really haven’t been so determined in the backline since the confirmation of relegation, Pep roulette is of course in full swing and we can see that the final of the European tournaments are playing on everyone’s minds somewhat regarding freshness. Palace/Southampton/Arsenal/Everton have been so inconsistent they are impossible to predict this year. Could it really be Kane’s last Spurs game? Could Ole finally not start Bruno Fernandes? Are Sheffield set for their biggest win of the season? Are Newcastle finally the attacking force we’ve been fearing since the 1980s?


My © will be Mane.
Vice – Bamford.

Whilst I’m sure Leeds want to do it for the fans, I worry that the players may want it too much and so I will opt for Mane, who has a bit more form over Salah + a decent fixture.

Also, I am chasing, if I was not I’d probably choose Salah then Bamford.

Mane -TSB ~ 7% – Crystal Palace

It’s safe to say that this is not Sadio’s finest season and his finishing has let him down to some extent in the PL. There’s no doubt he has personal frustrations but will be looking to put them right asap. He is coming into somewhat of a purple patch and given the ownership levels, could be well placed to pick-up the extra points you need in the final gameweeks as he has slightly outscored his counterpart (Salah) in recent weeks. 

If you are looking to hold your position Salah is probably the way to go given ownership. Whilst many welcomed Salah’s first double-digit haul, it is still Mane who looks more ominous to run away with all the points (provided the ball goes in the net). 

Palace will be bidding farewell to their manager and all out to not lose this game but Liverpool have so much on the line here too with all possible CL hopes resting on a big win.

Bamford -TSB ~ 44% – WBA

A final home game in the PL in front of the fans has been touted widely by Leeds observers. A game where they can do it for the fans, even if they have been smashing it all year long. 

Bamford has been ticking over nicely and is well placed to do so again here. On average he knocks in a return every second game, we are at the final game of the season and he has 16 goals, so it’s a perfect time to knock in that hattrick.

The WBA defence has been conceding more since the confirmation of the relegation place. Typically speaking Leeds have outran/sprinted their opponents and if this game gets stretched then I would back Bamford to do well here.

Grealish – TSB ~ 14.5% –  Chelsea

We have not seen him play a full match since GW24 but after last week you get the sense he is in good shape and ready again to spoil the party. With Chelsea potentially distracted about the CL final, there is definitely potential for an upset here and against Tottenham he looked sharp.

So much of Villa’s decent play flows through Jack and so whilst this is maybe against the bookies, I’d be tempted to back Jack.

Aubameyang – TSB ~ 7.0% – Brighton

Oh, the pure hope of owning him at the start of this season, a much-praised switch to a midfielder spot soon became a sour point of ownership as his output was curtailed this year through a variety of uncontrollable means. 

Only slightly behind Mahrez/Foden/Grealish in points terms (but of course who are better priced) I’d be tempted to back Auba to show his worth against the Brighton contingent here. He will be massively disappointed with how the whole year has gone and will be looking to finish with a backflip and a brace.

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