All-Time FPL Manager World Rankings

This list consists of the top 250 managers of all-time based on performance within the current season plus previous seasons. The rankings will be updated once a month. Learn more about the ranking system here. To help connect you with the manager and the FPL community, we include the known twitter handles of the top managers.

Top 250 Managers:

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Not on this list? To see your live all-time ranking scorecard, visit the What’s My All-Time Rank tool.


Not on this list? To see your live all-time ranking scorecard, visit the What’s My All-Time Rank tool.

How are the Rankings Calculated?

The logic of these calculations is rather simple: any team that ranks well in fantasy premier league wins points which enable it’s manager to climb up the world rankings.

The point system for the rankings takes into account the following factors:

  • Current season performance (weighted based on how much of the season has been played)
  • Previous seasons performance (depreciates yearly)

Any questions on how the rankings work? Contact us here.

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  1. Vinicius D

    There’s a way to find out your all time country ranking if your country is not listed. Just copy the URL and after the ‘=’ sign just add the 2 letter abreviation of your country. for example, for Brazil it would be

  2. Can you add Thailand as well in the rankings by country?

  3. 35. Rohit D’Souza @FPL_RJD

  4. 38. @FPLMatthew

    • Mark De Carvalho

      Thanks for letting us know, we will update all twitter handles when the new rankings come out, likely sometime in october about a month after season starts.

  5. 137. @FPLFujtown

  6. 132. Twitter: @FPLPaulGee

  7. 101. Ben Crellin Twitter account is: @BenCrellin
    Why he is not listed here? One of the most popular Twitter account in fpl community!

  8. Richard Clarke

    Hi Can you add my twitter account to my profile ? its @RichClarkeFPL
    thanks guys


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