Fixtures & FPL Planning Tools

Team Planner

Plan transfers, rotation, wildcards, and more across gameweeks.

Fixture Difficulty

Determine which premier league teams have the best schedules.

FFS & PFT Weekly Reveal

View/copy/edit plans curated by top managers from Fantasy Football Scout and Premier Fantasy Tools.

Chip Usage

Dashboard showing chip usage by various FPL manager tiers.

FPL Live Rank & Mini-Leagues

Live FPL Rank

See your updated FPL rank while the gameweek is in progress!

Mini-League Analyzer

Get more insight on the managers in your mini-leagues.

Manager Tracker

Search for and track your favourite FPL managers. Save your personal list.

Analyze Your FPL Team

Team Analyzer

FPL manager dashboard with detailed break-down of team performance.

Compare Managers Head-to-Head

Analyze and compare FPL managers in a head-to-head format.

Hindsight Dream Team

See “what could have been” had you made optimal choices each week.

All-Time Rank Calculator

Show off your all-time ranking! Enter your ID to see how you stack up.

Captain Picking & Bench Tools

Captain Picks Suggestion Tool

Rank potential captain picks for the upcoming game week.

Captaincy Pick Analyzer

Analyze your captaincy picks for the current season.

Top FPL Captain Pickers

See the top managers based on captain picking performance within the current season.

Bench Recommendations

Get recommendations on who you should start or bench.

Transfer Tools

Transfer Concierge

Recommends transfers for your current team in FPL.

Transfer Analyzer

Analyze your transfers & identify successes and failures.

Top FPL Managers Lists

All-Time Best FPL Managers

All-time top 250 managers based on performance across seasons.

All-Time FPL Ranks by Country

This list consists of the top 250 managers of all-time, by country.

Most Popular Managers

The top 100 most popular managers.

Top FPL Managers Screener

Learn from the top managers. Screen by chips, performance and more.

Player Ownership for Top FPL Managers

See the ownership for a specific player among top managers.

FPL Research

Content & In-Depth Analysis

Wildcard strategies, budget players, FPL psychology, and more…

Press Conference Summaries

Get the latest Press Conference Summaries every gameweek!