Kings of Fantasy English Premier League – GW 37 Edition

At the end of gameweek 36 of the 2017/18 season of fantasy premier league, there were 66 managers from the current top 5000 that have consistently placed in the top 50K in previous seasons.

Here they are, ordered based on their current fantasy football (FPL) rank:

Paul Gee (My Little Kone)
Barney Le Fevre (The Klopp Outs)
Harry Vernon (Horse FC)
Richard Clarke (Corsano Utd)
Will O’Shea (Benjamin Buttonhead)
Aonghus Bolster (Axe Capital)
Nguyen Bui Huynh (Tomryjo)
Rick Beamish (Ricks Gunners)
Owen Walker (Crossed the line)
dominic sumners (Onlinemediachumps)
Kenneth Tang (QD2017)
Grant Barclay (Load o Ballacks)
Paul Cookson (Cookson’s Champions)
Rich G Hassel (Cornelis Elander)
Aatish Jain (Lick Matip)
Harry von Behr (Sigurdsson Kane)
Stephen Hill (Ming The Merciless)
Jack Wain (Wain’s Wonders)
Ryan Clancy (Professional Cowboys)
Mat Williams (BAKUNIN X11)
Marlen Rattiner (Randominators)
Robin Morley (Rob’s Rovers)
Brad Howard (Sticky Toffees)
leo smallwood (OhAfricaBraveAfrica)
Rob . (Yellow Bentines)
Joe Tomkins (Drunk Chefs)
Gøran Østerman Thengs (Ragnvald Zouma)
Jay Egersdorff (Costa Del Kuqi)
Đorđe Živković (Žile’s Park Rangers)
Hallstein Brøtan (Halfstoned Halfballs)
Lewis Nicklen (Ritchie Rich)
Niku Ojala (Amurin Ahkera)
Liam McAllister (Beanflicktas)
Andrew Gibson (Team Name Pending)
Eddy Cochran (OhNoNoTAgain..)
Paul Williams (Messi Seagulls)
Alan Holohan (Booom XhakaLaca)
Graeme Williams (Oh No, Not Again)
Marcus Sandwith (Marcus’s Magicians)
Sakari Uutela (Oulunkylän Tähti)
Derek L (Sanogo Toulouse)
Navin Sapkota (PinkFLoydHasselbaink)
John Miesner (Bob Bob the Bob)
Joseph Humphreys (The Walter Wetbeards)
john mounsey (Feed Feo)
Kevin Weisz (The Desperate Donuts)
Peter Howitt (Rougie Athletic)
Spencer Botton (Flashy Conundrum)
Richard Adams (Shatner’s Bassoons)
Ed Jones (Boldmere Athletic)
Matthew Pollard (Bionic Rednecks)
John Sutherland (Game of Throw-Ins)
Jon Wheatley (UncleSpamsXI)
Craig Eady (MK Hawks)
Steve Najdovski (InSané inda membrané)
Jack Ketley (Sketley’s Scorers)
Chris Bristow (I sort of knew)
Ville Rönkä (Timppikset)
Bjorgvin Jonsson (FC Franziskaner)
Dermot Hegarty (Free-Hit Wonder)
Hayden Ballard (Tractor Boys Elite)
Andy McCrory (HTTR)
Edward Emmerson (Adidas Jubilanus**)
Antonio Rusinol (MourinhoTucumano***^)
Eamonn Grieve (Soldiers of Fortune)
Iain Walsh (Athletico Pathetico)

Do your own analysis and find the best fantasy football managers to follow using the top manager screener here.

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